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08-04-2007 à 03:27:35

Information de Batus sur le forum ss3 [A traduire]

To create a new unit you only need to modify the desc_common file. If you want to create a new unit with new graphics, you must add the pck file to the game_common and edit_common.
Let's say you want to create an amphibious t34: You make a copy of t34, make the changes (walkonwater 1), and you call it, for example, at34. Now you must add this unit to the unit list. When you open the unit directory in the desc file, there is a file called 'units', so you must add the line ..tank at34 there. If you don't, you haven't created a new unit.
Units like tanks, for example, have four files; PCK are the pictures, COL - pallette, INF shows, for example, whether there is 0, 1 or two tank commanders (little guys that show up on top of a tank) that show up when you switch to march mode etc. HOT determines the position of hot spots: turret, primary weapon (where the flames will appear), secondary weapon, overall position etc.
As for creating new types of soldiers you can do anything you like: smgunners with smoke grenades, engineers with flamethrowers, rifleman with sticky bombs, smgunners with at grenades, molotovs etc, etc. Sometimes you need to change the rs file and sometimes you don't. That depends on what you want to make.
As for the unit colours, these are defined in the MISC file. The parameter is soldclr and then you have three values, but you have all this in Kamui's post.

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