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Liste des outils sur le site de Total War center

PAK extractor (equivalent du UNSUE sudden)

UNPACKING FILES step by step Le guide pour depacter les fichiers.

Current version .25 updated 10/9/04 -added paking abilty.
File to extract pak files in the data\packs directory.
to run copy xpak.bat and xpak.exe to your data\packs folder and run xpak.batthat's all there is to it!

XIDX animation / IDX editor
Latest Changes/Update Log:v0.97 - 10/19/05 Fixed problem where BI animations would not pak
v0.94 - 06/09/05 Further fixes. Added skeleton scaling.
v0.93 - 06/08/05 Major bug fixes regarding animation scaling
v0.91 - 06/06/05 Added xidx shell.
v0.89 - 06/02/05 Added skeleton extraction/packing. Fixed animation scale problem.
v0.82 - 04/23/05 Animation packs now supported

I decided to write a program to extract all the sound files.
Here it is I thought I'd share, to extract the sound files do the following:
1) Copy from the zip file the files xdix.exe and extract_all_idx.bat to you data\sounds folder (in your RTW install dir)
2) Run extract_all_idx.bat
3) Sit back and wait while the program does its work
4) Listen to all the music, voices and other sounds
Have fun with it guys!

CAS Importer exporter for 3dsmax
Derniere mse ajour pour Medieval II Total War

.cas exporter script for 3ds max that can be sed to export new models after importing using Vercs .cas import/export script

Importer/Exporter for the R:TW CAS 3D file format
By Vercingetorix (
Current Version: 0.79b
Last updated 2/5/06

Legal disclaimer: I do not work for CA or Activision and this tool is strictly unofficial. Use at you own risk, neither I or any party but you the user can be held accountable to any damage caused be use of this tool.

You are allowed to redistribute this tool provided it, and the readme, remains unmodified.

How to run:
Save the script to your 3dsmax\scripts folder. In 3DS Max, go to the utilities tab and hit “run script”. Select from the utilities drop down “R:TW import/export”.

Some things you should be aware of:
There are two types of meshes: static and dynamic. Static meshes are weapons, shields, bows, etc. Dynamic meshes are the unit or animal. Dynamic meshes have a skin modifier and have no parent bone; a static mesh must have a bone as a parent.

For all dynamic meshes you must have the skin modifier at the top of the stack. Vertex weighting is not supported in RTW. A vertex may not have more then one bone influencing it. You will get an error if this is the case.

If the texture is messed up in game it is because (assuming the problem is not with the texture) in 3DS Max one vertex may have more than one texture vertex, while in R:TW a vertex may only have one texture vertex. You can fix this problem by either breaking the vertices that have multiple texture vertices, or you by separating the “seams” of the model.

Every CAS file specifies the texture it uses. All models must have a texture.A note about Item Files: If you try to use an exported item file in game it will not work. The details on how to get a new .item file in game can be found at

Notes from the latest updates:0.79b: Changes:
1. Building info and underlay files are better exported and imported.
2. Vertex colors are now imported and exported.
0.78b: It’s been over a year since the last update!
Some things that have been changed are:
1. Multiple textures now supported.
2. Animation “flickering” fixed.
3. Siege animations are now imported. They are currently very buggy and are included purely for experimental purposes.

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